What is the use of automated repricer?

Amazon repricer makes automated repricing not only easy but smart by using artificial intelligence to keep you competitive and win the buy box as often as possible. And, here is the great option for succeed the competitive, which is Amazon repricer tool. They claim that you can control the Buy Box 65% of the time against other repricing tools, freaking good if you ask me. With the Amazon repricer your Amazon listings remain competitive 24/7, moreover, Amazon adjusts your pricing every 30 to 60 seconds and connects directly to the Amazon marketplace to stay on top of every move your competitors make. Getting an automated repricer for Amazon is a business decision you need to make, things to consider such as how much time are you currently spending on repricing your listings? How effective is your repricing strategy? How aggressive are your competitors with their pricing? How competitive is your market? Are you doing Private Label, Wholesale or Retail Arbitrage? Amazon Wholesale, Retail is Arbitrage or Private Label?

If you sell on Amazon using the wholesale or retail arbitrage methods then you need an automated repricing tool you don’t need it if you only have a handful of products but as soon as you feel like you’re spending too much time managing your Amazon listings pricing, you should get a repricer like Amazon. Private label sellers with numerous competitive niches would also benefit from using the Amazon repricer. If you want to sell on other market platforms make a copy of your Amazon prices to your equivalent listings. How you concentrate on the price value you should also concentrate on quality and customer support. You should decide how this works on a product by product basis. Stock rules also apply to your old stock that’s taking up shelf space by encouraging the sale of stagnant inventory. Declare the number of stock days to apply more aggressive pricing tactics after a particular time. For example, if you have had inventory for more than 50 days, you might want to drop the price of it.