Refund service for online purchase

We are purchasing plenty of products from online on different sites. After getting that product, if we want to return it, there is a question that will be raised like how the money will be refunded? There are many ways to refund your money back after returning the product. They will refund money to your bank account. If you use to pay on delivery also refund money your bank account via National Electronic Funds Transfer. If you want to refund your payment on the delivery product you should update your bank details. Some of the product or service provider will refund the shipping cost as well.

Return and refund policies for online shopping?

Some people will have doubts on how to return the product and get money back? Here we see the way to return and refund service. Every product seller will have a better solution for order, return, and refund process. Once you order the product you will see the timeline to reach the product on the dashboard. Similarly, you will have a return and refund option after getting your product on the dashboard. Just enter into the dashboard and click the return and refund option.

Once they receive your return or the seller notifies us of receipt of return, a refund is issued to your bank account. Many refund methods will be followed, such as credit card or debit card, net banking (credit to the bank account), UPI linked bank account, National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)), or paper cheque. We should fulfill these details and if we want to refunding amount to a specified account, give correct details about your bank. Now worry about return the product and refund product cost and shipping cost. If you have any doubts or you need any clarification click here